Cortisone Injections

What is a cortisone (steroid) injection?

ultrasound docs 030 225x300 Cortisone InjectionsCortisone is a type of steroid. It generally reduces inflammation (swelling, irritation, and redness). Cortisone is a synthetic steroid that is unlike the steroids some athletes take. It WILL NOT make you gain weight or get bigger muscles. Since it is injected into an inflamed or irritated region and not taken as a pill, little of it goes beyond that region. With oral steroids (pills), side effects can occur throughout your body. But with a steroid injection for local inflammation, you are not likely to have those side effects.

What should I expect after my injection?

After the injection, make sure you don’t injure the treated region. Stay active. Enjoy a walk or some other mild activity, just be careful not to strain the region that gave you trouble in the first place.

Why should I have a cortisone injection?

The injection gets cortisone directly in to the inflamed region quickly. We may suggest an injection if resting, wearing splints, or taking oral medications does not relieve your pain. Injecting cortisone is less complex than having surgery and it often provides the lasting pain relief that can help you get out and enjoy an active life again.

What does the injection treat?

It can relieve pain for anything from a sports injury to arthritis. You may have an injection for treating inflammation, a sprain, or other problems. Over the course of treatment, we may not inject the same region more than a few times.

Your Injection Experience

A steroid injection is simple and does not take long. Certain medical conditions like diabetes, can be affected by a steroid.

Getting the Injection

We start by cleaning and numbing your skin at the injection site.
You will be injected with local anesthetics (for short term pain relief) and steroid.
It may take a moment for us to get the needle to the precise region.
After the injection, a small bandage will be applied over the injection site.
Then you will then be ready to go home
Some patients feel pain after being injected. This is normal, and it will go away soon. Rest for the first day or two. You do not need to stay in bed, but avoid tasks that may strain the injured region.

What are the risks?

Being injected with a steroid has certain risks and possible complications. These include:

  • Briefly increased pain
  • Changes in blood sugar levels
  • Ruptured tendon ( tissue that connects muscle to bone) this is very rare.

If you have any questions about the procedure call our office at 281.335.1111.

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