Euflexxa for Knee Osteoarthritis

euflexxa 300x225 Euflexxa for Knee OsteoarthritisThe physicians at All American Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute are pleased to offer the Euflexxa treatment that helps protect, cushion and lubricate the knee.

If you have these symptoms:

  • knee stiffness
  • knee joint swelling
  • knee pain and tenderness
  • knee limited range of motion
  • you do not get enough relief from over-the-counter pain medications
  • or from exercise or from physical therapy

Euflexxa may be an option for you

  • Euflexxa is a natural, gel-like substance, that replaces the protective, lubricating fluid in a consistency found in the non-arthritic knee
  • It is injected into the knee and usually provides significant reductions in pain and helps in performance of everyday activities

Euflexxa is made from a natural source, free from animal proteins, does not contain formaldehyde or vinyl sulfone

How does Euflexxa work?

  • When Euflexxa is injected into the space in your knee it helps replenish the fluid that lubricates, protects, and cushions your knee.
  • It is given in 3 injections, 1 per week for 3 weeks
  • The series can be repeated in 6 months if needed


IMG 2468 300x225 Euflexxa for Knee Osteoarthritis

Dr Higgs giving Euflexxa Injection


Euflexxa is covered for knee treatment by most insurances and Medicare.

Ask the staff at All American Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute for more information. 281.335.1111