Fracture Management

Is my fracture a compound fracture?

A compound fracture is actually a fracture in which the skin is broken over the bone.  A comminuted fracture is a fracture with many pieces but it does not go through the skin.

Will the plates and screws set off the metal detectors at the airport?

With the recent increase in airport security, this is occurring with more frequency but it is not a problem.

Will I have a cast?

Every fracture is different.  Children are usually treated with casts because they heal so well.  However, we try to fix adult fractures so that casts are not used and so that we can start early rehabilitation.

Do I need a bone stimulator?

Bone stimulators are used in the office if the fracture shows signs of slow or delayed healing.

Does my hardware stay in forever?

We only take the hardware out if it bothers the patient.

Should I take calcium for my fracture?

We will have a discussion of your calcium and vitamin needs based on your age and overall health and it is one area that we believe is very important.

What is the most common problem after fractures?

Many patients have joint stiffness and muscle weakness especially if they don’t do their exercises or go to physical therapy.

Will you do the operation?

One of our surgeons will complete your surgery.

Will the surgery hurt?

Fractures hurt, but we use many techniques to help with the pain after surgery.  However, we also make sure that you do not become dependant on the medications.

Have you done this type of surgery before?

If we do not feel comfortable with a specific fracture than you can be sure that we will find a surgeon with extensive experience with that type of fracture.